Our Story


Beantown Blankets started off as a class project, but Maxwell Perry was in it for more than a grade.

In January 2016, the Babson College junior hit the ground running during his freshman year Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship course. The class of 40 students broke into three groups to launch their own businesses with the school providing seed money. Perry was his group’s CEO.

Before stepping foot on the Wellesley campus, Perry sat down at the dinner table with his mother and brainstormed business ideas that he could use. His mother recalled a story about a prized possession from her childhood: her blanket. 

"To her, blankets were about comfort and warmth.”

Inspired, Perry came up with Beantown Blankets, an organization that donates one blanket to a homeless individual or shelter for every blanket sold. The uniquely designed blankets have soft fleece on one side and waterproof material on the other, making them both comfortable and functional for outdoor use.


“For homeless individuals, it’s protection from rain and snow, keeping them warm and dry during New England winters,” says Perry. “For the customer, it’s the perfect blanket for picnics, sporting events, concerts, pets, or to keep in the car.”

Recently, Beantown Blankets has expanded into the promotional product industry and is now designing custom blankets for corporate clients including Delta Airlines, Yahoo, Reebok, and Car Gurus.

“Companies like that can give their employees or clients a gift, while also donating to charity,” Perry says. “There are very few organizations that can offer them that.”

Boston Magazine, November 2017