Our Story

The Beantown Blankets organization was founded in 2016 by twelve Babson College sophomores. Today, Beantown Blankets continually strives to improve the lives of others. We have worked with dozens of companies, small and large, offering an opportunity to provide their employees a gift that gives back. We work with shelters around New England, bringing comfort and warmth to those in need. Blankets are handed to homeless individuals through various outreach programs. For every Beantown Blanket purchased another blanket is given to a person in need.


Looking to donate to a shelter in your city? We are capable of donating blankets to homeless shelters within the Continental United States. Please contact info@beantownblankets.org to learn more.


The original Beantown blankets team


Thank you for allowing us to make a difference in our community! Together, we can put a smile on the face of those who need it most.


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